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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Home is the most intimate space for all; it's the place where we relax and charge our batteries after a long and busy day at work. A perfectly cleaned house will help us do that. Since most of us live busy lives, it's understandable why we only have time and energy for day-to-day cleaning and only rarely for deep cleaning.

At the end of their tenancy, tenants trying to get the full deposit back will have a smooth handover to the landlords when hiring the professionals for cleaning. Most landlords are highly discerning when cleaning rentals, and professionals know how to meet those standards.

For homeowners, tenants, landlords, estate agencies, Need Deep Clean Ltd is one of the most reliable companies to hire. Our cleaners are experienced and able to perform end of tenancy cleaning services. Contact us to set up a meeting for the end of tenancy clean in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Need Deep Clean Ltd - your one stop for end of tenancy clean

Ever since we've been in the cleaning business, we were determined to achieve one main goal: to perform excellent cleaning services at affordable rates. We go to great lengths to leave every house, office, and commercial building perfectly cleaned, and we never cut corners when cleaning. We are well-known in this business because we have the same professionalism and dedication each and every time. We pride ourselves on being a cleaning team with the same commitment when cleaning the carpets in an office as it has when cleaning throughout a small bedroom, as part of a spring cleaning.

Since we are such a dependable professional cleaning team in Northamptonshire, we can complete a wide range of domestic and commercial cleaning services. We can clean every house, office, or commercial space and can perform:

end of tenancy cleaning wellingborough service

Be a wise tenant and hire our company for end of tenancy cleaning. We have what it takes to leave everything cleaned at landlords' standards: skills, equipment, knowledge, and experience. Call us to set up a meeting for your end of tenancy clean.

The cleaning process at End of Tenancy Cleaning

We know that regular house and office cleaning isn't enough to remove all dirt, dust, grime, or grease deposited on surfaces and appliances. If you look for deep cleaning services, our business is one of the most dependable to hire. Our cleaners are dedicated and pay attention to the most minute details for the perfect house cleaning. We spend as many hours as necessary, and we consider our job completed only when everything is perfectly cleaned.

We are flexible and ready to adjust our cleaning service to your specific needs and requests. We have developed checklists that we can adjust as you want. We can do as much or as little as you want. From upholstery cleaning, dusting all furniture in the living room, carpet cleaning, washing the window sills and disinfecting the toilet, etc.--we only clean what you tell us to clean.

Some customers avoid hiring professionals for a house cleaning service because they don't know how the process will go. Here's what to expect from our cleaning company:

  • you contact us, and one team members provide you with a free quote for the job
  • you decide when we can come to clean your property. We work around your schedule and can come whenever is best for you.
  • We take a look at the checklists, and you decide how much you want us to clean. From cleaning the bedroom, cupboards, cabinets to cleaning a valuable carpet, vacuuming, and mopping the floors, we go through everything. We clean the oven and de-scale the tiles in the kitchen. For the end of tenancy cleaning, we guarantee you get the full deposit back.
  • We select the methods, products, and equipment that will leave your property perfectly cleaned. We are professionally trained and know how to achieve excellent results at an affordable price for our customer, domestic and commercial alike. Contact us today for more details.

Our checklist for kitchens

contact us to schedule our end-of-tenancy cleaning services in Northamptonshire. meanwhile, here's our checklist for the kitchen area:

  • clean refrigerator and freezer, both the inside and outside (if defrosted)
  • wipe inside and out the microwave
  • wipe down and polish drawers and cupboards in the kitchen
  • cleanse dishwasher and remove limescale
  • wash the washing soap dispenser, machine, and filters
  • wipe and polish hob and grill
  • thorough oven cleaning: we cleanse and degrease the inside of the oven and polish the outside
  • remove grease and mould from tiles
  • wash and polish tiles
  • dust the outer surfaces of kitchen appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc
  • wash kitchen countertops
  • degrease and polish extractor fan and filters
  • wipe down all woodwork (door, skirting boards, door frames)
  • wipe light switches and plugs
  • vacuum and wash hard floors

Our checklist for bedrooms

People in Northamptonshire recognise us for our fantastic professionalism, and we never take cleaning service lightly. It's how we've become a reputed name in this business. here's the moving-out cleaning services includes for the bedroom area:

  • wipe doors, bottom, and top
  • wash windows internally, sills and ledges included
  • vacuum and clean carpet, if necessary
  • wipe down wooden furniture and skirting boards
  • remove cobwebs
  • the inside/outside, and top of wardrobes and cupboards
  • wipe down and polish mirrors and pictures
  • cleanse radiators
  • wipe down light switches and fittings, sockets, plugs, and lampshades
  • cleanse covings, cornice/curtain rails, picture rails
  • vacuum upholstery
  • dust behind and under the furniture
  • vacuum and mop floors, hard floors included

Our checklist for the bathroom

  • wash shower cabinet/screen from inside and out/de-scale
  • cleanse bathtub and remove limescale
  • wash and de-scale sink/shine taps
  • polish mirrors
  • wash tiles and remove mould
  • disinfect toilet from inside and out
  • wipe down door, door frames, and skirting boards
  • wash windows from the inside, wipe down sills and ledges
  • wipe shelving/cupboards/surfaces and polish surfaces made of stainless steel
  • wipe down light switches and plugs
  • wipe down the towel rail
  • vacuum, sanitise, and mop floors

Our checklist for hallways, entrance hall, stairways

  • clean and polish mirrors
  • remove cobwebs
  • vacuum upholstery, cushions, etc
  • clean windows
  • wipe down curtain rails, cornice, and picture rails
  • wipe down wood furniture and skirting boards
  • wipe down doors
  • wipe down the stairway, railings, and banister
  • dust and polish flat surfaces
  • vacuum carpet
  • clean inside, behind, and on top of cupboards and furnishings
  • vacuum and mop hard floors
  • clean light fittings and switches, plugs, sockets, and lampshades
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Hiring our cleaning company is beneficial for you

If you look throughout the cleaning companies, you will notice that ours is one of the most reliable options. When you hire our local team, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • we provide you with free quotes over the phone
  • we take on domestic and commercial jobs in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.
  • we don't rush the cleaning process and spend as many hours as needed to leave everything inside your property cleaned and spotless
  • we can do as much or as little as you want. We can clean the oven, cupboards, carpets, floors, windows, kitchen appliances, etc.-- you decide what you want us to do.
  • we offer high-quality services at affordable prices

Call us for a free quote

If you are interested in end of lease cleaning, our company Need Deep Clean Ltd is one of the most dependable options. We take on jobs in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshireno matter how big or small your property is. Peoples know that we're dedicated cleaners who go above and beyond to leave your property cleaner than ever before. Call us to learn more details about our work and to get a free quote for the job.

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